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Tim Hallahan, Peter Gruenberger, and other members of The Hecht Training Group offer an one and one-half day program that combines interactive seminars and workshops on direct and cross-examination skills.


The program consists of a half-day interactive seminar on direct and cross-examination techniques for trial, followed that same day by a guided preparation session. The first day's seminar features videotaped segments of examplar examinations and review of "must do" approaches and "must not do" pitfalls.

On the second day, small groups of participants take part in one day of simulated direct and cross-examination exercises. Participants alternate as examiner, opponent, and witness. The exercises are designed to provide the participants with practical "learning by doing" experience in the art of trial examination. After each simulation, the participant is given feedback critique in the group, and then goes immediately into a videotape review room to watch the performance one-on-one with a video critiquer. While the first participant is receiving one-on-one video critique and feedback, the next participant is performing live in the group exercise room. An in-house faculty member serves as "judge" and critiquer in the group exercise room for that group, and another serves as video critiquer for that group.

There is no limit on the number of participants; however, the number is contingent upon the number of available in-house faculty. To train the attorneys who serve as in-house faculty in the techniques of observation and critique, a faculty training session precedes the workshop.

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