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Henry Hecht and Peter Gruenberger jointly offer four separate programs to train consulting experts who have not yet developed skills or experience in testifying at deposition or trial. The targeted participants for these programs, which last one-evening followed by a full day, are academics and the less experienced experts associated with consulting firms.


Deposition Testimony Skills 101 and 201 and Trial Testimony Skills 101 and 201 programs consist of an evening of interactive discussions concerning practical tips on testifying at deposition and trial, respectively. On the next day, we present a full day of demonstrations or hands-on (learning by doing) workshops that focus on testifying concerning an expert's damages report.

Deposition Testimony 101 and Trial Testimony 201, respectively, consist of demonstration depositions and demonstration direct and cross-examination trial testimony of experienced testifying experts from the host consulting firm, followed by discussion and critique/feedback.

Deposition Testimony 201 and Trial Testimony 201, respectively, offer an opportunity for up to 20 participants to be examined in a mock deposition or trial by the trainers, followed by individualized critique/feedback from the trainers and the more experienced testifying experts of the host consulting firm.


For the Deposition Testimony 101 and Trial Testimony 101 demonstration programs, we use a case file focused on an expert's report on damages in a contract case. For the Deposition Testimony 201 and Trial Testimony 201 hands on programs. we use a different case file focusing on a more intricate expert's report on damages.

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