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Tim Hallahan, Peter Gruenberger, and other members of The Hecht Training Group offer an one-and-one-half day program consisting of interactive seminars and workshops on evidence.


The program consists of a morning interactive seminar on evidence, followed the same day by a guided preparation session. The next day includes one-half day of skills exercises. The seminar covers Making Objections, Motions In Limine, Relevance, Hearsay, Lay and Expert Opinions, Exhibits, Form of the Question Objections, and Impeachment. It features videotaped segments and audience interaction.

On the second day, small groups of participants conduct numerous evidence skills exercises. During each exercise the participants attempt to lay the foundations necessary to introduce various types of evidence including business records, contracts, summaries, real evidence, prior inconsistent statements, refreshed recollection, charts, photos, videos, demonstrations, and criminal convictions. Participants alternate as proponent, opponent, and witness. The exercises are designed to give the participants practice in laying foundations and in making and arguing objections. An in-house faculty member serves as "judge" and critiquer. The program requires at least one critiquer per group.

There is no limit on the number of participants for the workshop; however, the number of participants for a workshop is contingent upon the number of available in-house faculty. To train the attorneys who serve as in-house faculty in the techniques of observation and critique, a faculty training session precedes the workshop.


One case file used is Roundtable Recordings v. Ronni Fox et al. 6th ed. (2007), written by Mr. Hallahan. The case file involves a contract dispute between members of a pop singing group and their recording company. The file has four witnesses, two of whom can be expert witnesses. The same case file is used for Trial Skills. If desired, other case files are available.

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