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Henry L. Hecht, Jessica Notini, and other members of The Hecht Training Group offer a practical one- to two-day workshop, which combines simulation exercises, lectures, and group discussion to teach negotiation skills.


The workshop stresses the "learning by doing" method of skills teaching. This workshop is intended for both litigations and transactional lawyers.

Participants negotiate mock problems followed by group discussion of the strategies, tactics, and results led by the trainer. As an alternative, the participants can negotiate before faculty observers, consisting of experienced attorneys from your office working with the instructor, and then receive individual feedback before the group discussion led by the trainer. In addition, if desired, the negotiation exercises can be video recorded for one-on-one review and critique. As an alternative to using attorney observers, the problems are negotiated by the participants, followed by group discussion lead by the trainer.

The length of a program depends on the number and nature of the problems that are negotiated. In addition to the simulations, the workshop can include lectures on preparing to negotiate as well as on negotiating tactics and countermeasures. Some firms prefer to schedule the lectures before the workshop, rather than during the workshop itself. If the lectures are held before the workshop, a speaker's outline is provided to the in-house faculty.

The first part of the workshop focuses on the competitive approach to negotiating, sometimes referred to as "win-lose" bargaining. The second half examines the problem-solving approach, sometimes referred to as "win-win" bargaining. The use of negotiation exercises in different contexts, with no requirement of specialized knowledge, allows both litigators and non-litigators to participate.

Topics discussed during the workshop include: target setting; first offers and demands; concession patterns; how to give, get and guard information; differences in competitive and problem solving techniques; creating a negotiation agenda; and breaking deadlocks.

There is no limit on the participants for a workshop; however, if individual negotiators are to be observed, the number is contingent upon the number of available in-house faculty. To train the attorneys who serve as in-house faculty in the techniques of observation and critique, a faculty training session precedes the workshop.


The mix of simulation exercises is chosen in consultation with the client. The problems have a common fact sheet and separate "confidential information," including a statement of client authority. In addition, for each exercise, a negotiation preparation form to be completed by each participant is provided. The form focuses the participants on how to prepare and may be used for review of individual performances in light of initial plans.

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