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The Hecht Training Group designs and presents skills training programs using the "learning by doing" method. These one-to-two day programs combine simulations, interactive lectures, and demonstrations. The Group offers training for attorneys and experts retained by attorneys on a range of subjects, including:

Over the past 35 years, the Group has conducted in-house training programs for law firms, corporate law offices, government agencies, firms of consulting experts, and bar associations across the country. The Group has presented workshops at more than 65 client offices.

The Group also designs longer, integrated programs on litigation practice and procedure, combining lectures and simulation workshops, and consults on the design and implementation of training programs. Clients may also license The Training Group's materials for in-house use.


The workshops stress the "learning by doing" method of skills training. Working in small groups, participants perform a skill. After each performance, the participants are critiqued by a faculty consisting of experienced attorneys from your office working with our highly experienced trainers. If desired, performances can be videotaped for one-on-one review and critique.

There is no limit to the number of participants in a workshop; however, the number is contingent upon the number of available in-house faculty. To train the attorneys who serve as in-house faculty in the techniques of observation and critique, a faculty training session precedes the workshop.


The Hecht Training Group is comprised solely of professional trainers, each of whom has taught lawyering skills for more than 35 years.


The Hecht Training Group is an approved provider of continuing legal education (CLE) by the State Bar of California and a number of other jurisdictions, including New York, the District of Columbia, Texas, Massachusetts, Illinois, Florida, and Washington.

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